There are two ways to deal with imminent auto repairs or regularly-scheduled maintenance: you can either take your vehicle to your Elizabeth City car dealer and have the work done with genuine Hyundai parts, or you can try to save a few bucks by taking your vehicle somewhere else and have the work done with third-party aftermarket parts.

As far as we’re concerned, the best choice is the one that’s best for the long-term life of your car. That means taking it into Hall Hyundai Elizabeth City, where we use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for repairs and maintenance.

Why is it better for drivers in and around Camden, NC to take this approach? First and foremost, OEM parts are designed and built by the same people designing and building the Hyundai vehicles. They are manufactured to the high standards Hyundai sets for its parts, and they work perfectly in conjunction with the parts already in the car. Third-party parts don’t always do that, and they often are built from cheaper materials. Cheaper materials may mean a lower overall price, but it comes at the behest of quality.

Another important reason to use OEM parts has to do with warranties. Because Hyundai stands behind the quality of their parts, they offer warranties on their products that flat-out won’t be available should something go wrong with a non-OEM part. Even better, if you have the work done at your Hyundai dealership, those warranties may even cover the cost of labor.

Nobody looks forward to paying for service or repairs, but all owners of Hyundai cars know that it is essential to owning a well-kept car. When that time comes, make sure you’re using OEM parts to maintain the long-term integrity of your automobile!

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