Hyundai is piloting a new sales promotion in some states that is unlike anything we have ever seen here at Hall Hyundai Elizabeth City. In a nutshell, Hyundai is agreeing to pay up to $900 toward a customer's student loans with the purchase or lease of certain new Hyundai vehicles.

The program is called Hyundai Student Assurance, and it is a response to the $1.5 trillion in student debt that has been accrued by over 44 million Americans across the country in the last few decades. So many adults are putting off major milestones like purchasing a home or a new vehicle because of the debt they are carrying, which is why a promotion like this makes some sense for those who pine for those milestones but do not necessarily feel as though they can afford them.

"We recognize that student loan debt is one of the most significant financial stress points for people and we want to help address that issue, while allowing people to take advantage of the many benefits of owning a new vehicle," said Michael DePaul, director, Retail Operations, Hyundai Motor America. "Making things better is at the heart of everything we do, and that's why we are directly contributing to helping our customers get out from being under the burden of student loan debt."

While the program has not yet made its way to North Carolina, we certainly do hope that customers in and around Kitty Hawk eventually will be given the opportunity to take advantage of Hyundai Student Assurance. Everyone deserves the opportunity to own a great vehicle and pay down their student debt. This is a big step in the right direction for both of those things.

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