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Drivers understand the importance of regular oil changes for their vehicles. When it’s time for your vehicle to get an oil change service, don’t delay! Our team at Hall Hyundai Elizabeth City can help with all your vehicle maintenance needs.  

3 Reasons to Change Your Oil  

  • Reason #1: Interested in keeping your Hyundai vehicle running for years to come? Changing your oil keeps your engine clean and keeps your car operating efficiently. Oil is a natural absorber, and it is responsible for absorbing any dust or debris in the engine. 
  • Reason #2: Oil helps protect all your engine’s various moving parts by lubricating them. This allows the parts to run smoothly together without generating friction. Old oil is less effective at this, which can result in increased friction between components. From there, overheating can occur from the increased heat generated.
  • Reason #3: One other benefit to changing your oil on a regular basis is that it helps you get better gas mileage. If you take the time to change your oil every 5,000-7,500 miles, you can greatly improve your fuel efficiency because your engine is operating at normal capacity.  

Visit Our Hyundai Service Center  

Even if you don't drive very often, the oil in your car’s engine starts to degrade over time, becoming less effective. This is why we always recommend an oil change every six months regardless if you haven't hit the recommended mileage.

Now you see just why regular oil changes are so important for your Hyundai vehicle. Be sure to schedule an appointment in our Hyundai service center so you can keep your vehicle running for years to come. Visit today! 

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